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The Fine Print

Tired of watching TV commercials? Read the fine print at the bottom of the advertising. Interesting what’s there – all sorts of restrictions and limitations when using a “better” credit card… Warnings that some medications could result in death… An admission that the product on sale did only slightly better than a placebo.

DEMOCRACY. For history buffs, what is the oldest operating democracy? Answer at the end of this blog.

GREAT MUSIC. The wonderful Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, piped in to theaters around the world, from Alaska to Uruguay .

ON YOU TUBE.  Wonderful masses of Schubert, especially the series conducted by Swalllich.

ST. PAUL.   In 1 Corinthians, he cautions against marriage… even predicting that there will be troubles for those who marry.

GNOSTICS. From Nag  Hammadi , a treasure trove of Gnostic writings has appeared in the last 75 years, particularly from Egypt in 1945 – most of these were found heretical by the established church.

NOTRE DAME. One of the great losses to society – the wonderful acoustics, severely harmed by the great fire at the Paris Cathedral. Supposedly, the sound was so good that it inspired polyphonic singing in the Middle Ages.

DEATH OF A HERETIC  From the wonderful ancient Ireland series by Peter Tremayne,, these sayings:

  • When a boat is safe in the harbor, it was not what a boat was built for.
  • When the storm winds begin to rise, some people will start building walls. Others will see the opportunity to set up windmills.

LIARS. A recent Washington Post commentator from the UK expresses concern over a US elected representative shouting “liar” during the State of the Union address of Pres. Biden.  There are plenty of comments flying around the British Parliament, says  the commentator, but “liar” goes too far.

GAMBLING.  Lots of advertising before the Super Bowl.  Innocent pleasure… Or weakening of American virtue?

ACCURA RADIO  Plenty of music in an amazing variety of niches – from sacred classical to Norse folksongs.

… AND SERIUS FM.   Fine music honoring African-American composers during Black History month.

NEAT IDEA. Young men running with his big dog – he’s on a skateboard with a leash… And the dog is  pulling them along.

ANSWER TO THE HISTORY QUIZ .   The nation is Iceland. 

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