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Some interesting observations from David Householder’s mystery , FIRST, KILL THE LAWYERS.

Lawyers: ”When you become an attorney, you’re making a commitment to the values found in the Bill of Rights, the process  the government must go through before it can punish any one of us – the right to counsel, privilege against self-incrimination, the right to confront witnesses and to call witnesses. These are values that protect the dignity and freedom of the individual.  As a lawyer, you serve the public.  You act as an officer of the court by upholding those values all of your resources.  It’s the only way that we can maintain a free society.”

“Average people have become so accustomed to any number of personal inquiries on Facebook or Twitter or God knows what else that we are nearly incapable of telling people to mind their own damn business.”

Reasonable doubt?  “If a woman perceives that she was powerless to stop a sexual encounter, then she may develop symptoms that mirror those exhibited by women were actually raped, such as feelings of betrayal, fear, embarrassment, guilt, depression, and even symptoms of PTSD.  Defense lawyers often argue that she might mistakenly believe she was raped, even though the sexual encounter was consensual.”

LIBERALS AND STATES RIGHTS.  A recent Washington Post Outlook relates how liberals have changed their position on delegating more power to the states.  In the Trump era, this appears to be the best way forward for progressives – given a recalcitrant Congress.  The author – law  professor Ilya Somin — cites how this approach works with so-called sanctuary cities; they act “despite” Federal guidance to the contrary.   Important to the modern trend was Murphy v NCAA .  In that case, the Supreme Court struck down part of Federal law prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting.

CIVIL WAR, WOMEN, AND RULES OF ARMED CONFLICT.   Author Stephanie Belknap relates how the US Civil War forged new innovations regarding law of war.  In the US Civil War, Southern civilian women actively participated to a degree seldom seen before .  Union leaders had with no systematic legal guidelines governing the treatment of such noncombatants, but Union generals implemented to the so-called Lieber Code.   It eliminated the concept that women were always innocent; and implemented a loyalty test – all citizens, male or female, were entitled to protection if they rejected treason and remained neutral.

RULES FROM BILL GATES?  Going around on the Internet, his purported rules of the road.

  • Life is not fair – get used to it.
  • The world does not care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you ‘feel good about yourself’.
  • If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss.
  • Your school may have done away with testing, but life does not “everybody gets a free pass.”

WHAT’S GOING ON IN NAVY JAG?  Navy Times reports that Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer has ordered a comprehensive review into the JAG Corps of the Marine Corps and Navy.

A Marine Corps veteran, Spencer ordered both the Chief of Naval Operations and the Marine commandant to put the reports on his desk within 90 days.

Spencer’s memorandum ordered the Navy and Marines to study the laws, regulations, policies, resourcing   then offer  “any corrective actions necessary” to revamp a host of topics – legal community training and professional development; organization and command relationships and oversight; staffing levels; and career progression of sea service attorneys.

Some believe this review is tied to the dismissal of a SEAL officer charged with covering up war crimes.

 Others point to court-martial sanctions of  a prosecution team for  violating the rights of accused military members – allegedly by improper warrantless surveillance, manipulation of witness statements, and unfair use of immunity grants.

Still others point to what they insist are violations  of Due Process at Guantanamo.

CHINA TRADE WAR?  A recent news story in the Washington DC area notes that the leases are up on two giant pandas lent to the Washington DC zoo by the Chinese government.  Will trade war force the pandas to return to China?

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