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ON SOCIAL MEDIA SPEECH INCITING VIOLENCE.  Can speech on a social media site incite violence?   Danielle Allen, a political theorist at Harvard, lists three criteria:

  • The speaker must directly advocate a crime; denigrating someone is insufficient.
  • The crime being incited must be imminent – more or less “now.”
  • It must be probable the crime will be committed soon.

TRAINING FOR JUDGES?   Bruce Cannon Gibney points out that judges are required to attend less training than manicurists, who need 400 hours of experience before they can be licensed in California.

WHITE COLLAR CRIME. The new Champion magazine contains interesting articles on white-collar crime including:

  • Challenging facial recognition
  • The law on body-worn cameras
  • Effective defense in cases involving decryption devices

CONGRATULATIONS, EF!    We recently received good news that our Coast Guard client EF received a disability rating of 100%.

MANY THANKS.  Client RB, whose native language is Spanish, complemented our rebuttal of his correction board packet, saying, Your letter is very powerful and smartly short and concentrated targeting strategic points…

GETTING AROUND TO THINGS….  Some articles from the Army Lawyer:

Emoluments clause and the DOD – June 2013

Jurisdiction over Reservists – August 2013

AWOL and fugitive entitlement –February 2015

The Writs process – February 2015

TMcK has a great sense of humor.  He offers

*    respect your elders.  They graduated from school without the internet.

*   Ive decided I am not old………………I am 25 — plus shipping and handling.

*    behind every angry woman stands a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.

*    vegetarian:  ancient tribal name for the village idiot who can’t hunt, fish, or light fires!

*    my decision-making skills closely resemble those of a squirrel when crossing the road.

*    some things are just better left unsaid and I usually realize it right after I say them.

*    camping: where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.

GREAT PEB MATERIALS.   Hats off to the Coast Guard for excellent handouts for personnel going through the PEB process.  

ETHICS CORNER.  Ethical?  Consider the alleged sexist conduct of world-famous tenor Placido Domingo.  Do you still attend his concerts or buy his CDs.  Presumably, he will get royalties based on your payment.

A similar question can be asked about purchasing the World War II recordings of the Berlin Philharmonic.   For many, their recordings of Beethoven or Wagner are breathtaking.  Yet they were created by the premier “Nazi” orchestra, which failed to protect its Jewish members.

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