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CANCER.   Author Barbara standards, citing international studies showing that mammograms and not reduce mortality from breast cancer – but may even expose women unnecessarily cancer-causing levels of radiation.

WHITE SUPREMACY.   The Soutehern Poverty Law Center records 9548 groups operating in the United States – from white nationalists to neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim, anti- LGBT.


WORD MAGIC? Alexandra Petri  shows how words can be transformed.   Regarding the Kavanaugh hearing:     he made a mistake… People make mistakes… Mistakes were made

it did not happen… But if it happened, it would not be released to wrong


RURAL DENTISTS.  The Washington Capitals Outlook suggests that about 43% of rural Americans lack access to dental care.

HONORING DR. KING. In san diego, a street was named for dr. Martin luther king in the late 1980s – later reverted to its old name of market street after nearly 60, 000 petitioner’s the issue on the ballot.

S ABILITY. “Too often… We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of  thought”   John F. Kennedy



  •  Adam and Eve were probably the first people not read the Apple and conditions
  • Too hot changing the sign.     Sin, bad. Jesus, good. Details inside
  • Be the kind of person your pet thinks you are
  • Honk if you love Jesus, while driving if you want to meet him soon
  • Love everybody – I’ll sort them out later – God
  • Tweet others as you would like to be tweeted
  • Forgive your enemies – it really messes with their heads
  • Careful!! Jesus is watching – but our local police have radar

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