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Update on Military Matters in the News

  • PLEBE EXPELLED FOR RACIAL SLUR.   The Navy Academy has dismissed a white plebe for his racial slur against African-Americans in online communications, according to the Associated Press.


  • 2 CHAPLAIN STORIES. A Southern Baptist chaplain, Army Maj. Scott Squires, is facing disciplinary action after he refused to facilitate a marriage retreat including same-sex couples.  Squires argues that he was following the requirements of his endorsing agency, the Southern Baptist Convention.  An attorney for the denomination claims that Squires did nothing wrong and even found another chaplain willing to provide the service.
  • In a second story, Lieut. Col. Khallid Shabazz is set to become the first Muslim division-level chaplain in history of the Army.


  • THE NAVY WANTS YOU! The submarine service is interested in more female enlisted sailors earning their dolphins and serving aboard submarines, according to the Chief of Naval Personnel.


  • O-7 TRANSFERRED FOR INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE : Marine Brig. Gen. Kurt Stein, director of Marine and Family Programs, has been reassigned after referring to sexual-harassment allegations as “fake news.”


  • BLACK COL. NOMINATED FOR O-7.  Marine Col. Lorna Mahlock will become the first black woman wearing the rank of brigadier general.


  • BACK TO AIR FORCE WARRANT OFFICERS?   The Air Force is considering reinstating warrant officers for the first time in 60 years, following a RAND Corporation study.


  • … AND BACK TO ARMY PINKS AND GREENS?  The Army is close to a final decision on bringing back World War II-era “pinks and greens” service uniforms.Pink and Greens

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