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A Washington Post book review summarizes the forgotten frontlines of World War II in Russia.  After Hitler’s 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union, millions of Russian soldiers were captured.  Young women filled the ranks – and even flew fighter aircraft.

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Writer Suzy Hansen invites citizens to see America as the rest of the world does.  She criticizes the current President for physically pushing his way past the Prime Minister of Montenegro for a group photo of NATO leaders.  She suggests “two Americas.”    First, the America of work-in-progress, democracy civil rights, and Ellis Island.   Second, the America of military force, CIA plots, economic meddling, and contempt for foreign cultures.

She argues that Americans see themselves as a people with uniquely good intentions who want foreigners to attain a better, freer life.  This view of American superiority and goodness may not be warranted, she cautions.

Instead, she suggests that American Cold War historians deliberately constructed a world view in which “Westernization” was the politically correct pretext for US economic or political interventions abroad.


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Writer Franklin Foer prophesies a grim future run by technological monopolies, radically molding humanity and redirecting human evolution.  He urges a pause to consider the consequences of these technological empires.  He wants humans – not Internet giants– to determine the future of mankind.   He also cautions against social media trashing of our privacy.

Perhaps this is easier said than done. He relates that, on average, Facebook users spend 1/16 of their day on this site!


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The Southern Poverty Law Center reports troubling events in the first 34 days after the election of President Trump.    The group counted 1,094 incidents of bias in the United States; and it calculated that 37% of them referenced to the President-elect, his campaign slogans, or his percussive remarks about sexual assault.

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An Internet friend sends the following amusing signs —

Oregon electric company:  We urge you to send in your payment on time;  if you don’t, you will be de-lighted

Indiana restaurant window:  Don’t just stand there and be hungry; come in and get fed up

Radiator shop in Chicago: Best place in town to take a leak!

Washington DC funeral home:  Drive carefully; we’ll wait….

San Antonio septic tank truck:   This truck is full of political promises

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