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Interesting note from a theater program: Why do ships and aircraft use MAYDAY as a call for help?

Answer: It comes from the French word M‘AIDEZ – meaning “help me.”


  • Useful FBI acronym: a fictitious name/memory device to measure individuals
    seeking positions of public trust. The name is CARLA F. BAD. It stands for –
                                                                          # # #
    Writing in the Washington Post, retired Col. Sheri Swokowski reveals a
    transgender officer. The colonel “had to suppress my authentic self” while serving
    in the Army, including the Infantry for almost 35 years. Swokowski deployed
    twice to the war zone and retired to an important manpower/personnel division in
    the Wisconsin Guard. The colonel speaks of other transgenders who serve the
    country, get the job done, and hopefully are judged “based on a person’s character
    and ability.”
                                                                          # # #
    Does being rich damage the soul? A professor and PhD candidate in religious
    studies at the University of Virginia think so. They report that formerly, having vast
    sums of money supposedly harmed one’s character, warped behavior, and
    corrupted the soul. From the Reformation until the 1970s, the extremely rich
    remained morally suspect. Then, executive salaries skyrocketed wildly– without
    much questioning of character.
    Behavioral studies supposedly reveal that the rich are “morally malformed,” –
    more likely to be shoplifters or sex offenders. They proportionally give less to
    charity and are more likely to experiment with adultery.
                                                                          # # #
    Professor of medicine Elaine Schatner salutes Sen. John McCain. However, she
    cautions that applying battle language to the experience of having cancer is
    erroneous. There is no empirical proof that cancer can be “beaten” by a strong
    will, she maintains.
                                                                          # # #
    Paul Butler is the author of CHOKEHOLD, an intriguing book voicing the fears of
    black man in America today. His title attempts to capture racial oppression, Jim
    Crow, and racial profiling. Mr. Butler suggests what to do if caught “driving while
    black.” Do not wear clothes that stand out, “let the cops win,” show deference, and
    never, never raise your voice…
                                                                          # # #
    A Washington Post thought piece analyzes the prudent litigation strategy of the gay
    > Carefully identify “friendly” states where litigation might stand a solid
    > Bring lawsuits under the state constitution, never directly challenging the
    Federal government
    > Persuade individual “rogue plaintiffs” to avoid suing in states where they
    would almost surely lose
    Another review – focusing on the battle for gay marriage equality – cites other
    effective strategies:
    > Assess whether a given judge is “persuadable”
    > Build familiarity with the non-gay mainstream
    > Work out strategy and tactics via moot court testing
    > Choose the “right words” – marriage equality, not gay marriage


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