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The Centurion

  A series of pertinent – and impertinent – observations about military matters.

Leaders of the LGBT community are asking the Navy to name a new ship after prominent pioneering gay rights activist Harvey Milk.   He served as a diving officer aboard a submarine rescue ship during World War II, and then as a diving instructor at the Navy base in San Diego.   He was honorably discharged as a Lieut. JG in 1955 before going on to his political career – and death – in San Francisco.

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In another campaign, supporters are asking the Navy to name a next-generation oiler after civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis.   This effort followed SECNAV Mabus’ announcement that the next generation of fleet replenishment oilers would be named after civil rights leaders.

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According to CBS news, a startling number of veterans are still committing suicide – on the average, 20 a day.

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Transgender individuals can serve openly in the United States military, effective immediately. The Pentagon recently so announced.   According to news reports, the Pentagon will pay for health care support related to gender transition in cases where a military physician determines it’s necessary.

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A useful guide – Military Retiree’s Ready Reference of Telephone Numbers – is available on the net.                                                                                                                                       

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An interesting conundrum: What  is the rational way to bury mass killers – such as radical Islamists or other notorious murderers – to avoid having their bodies defiled?  This dilemma is analyzed by commentator Anna Neumann in a recent Washington Post Opinion story.

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In mid-July, the Marine Corps decided to drop “man” from job titles to be more gender-neutral.  The Air Force will not follow suit —  “airman” is still the going term.

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A Southern Poverty Law Center report counts some 1,500 government-backed tributes to Confederates.  This includes 10 US military bases named for Rebel leaders.

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According to Army Times, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is protesting the use of the word “Crusaders” — along with a logo  based on that word — at Fort Rucker AL.  The complaint alleges that a helicopter unit is impermissibly demeaning Islam.  The logo features a helicopter on a white shield, supplemented by what appears to be a red cross.

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With all the current political dissension, a prayer by a friend states: “Lord, you have decided that we are worthy because you love us all;  please let us remember that all of your children are worthy of my respect.”

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