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Pertinent – and impertinent – observations about military justice

Eddie S. Glaude Jr, author of Democracy  in Black, cites some disquieting statistics across the racial divide.  After the economic recession, black America lost 53% of its wealth.  Today, one in three black children live in poverty – as compared to one in 10 white children.  For African-Americans, the mortgage crisis led to the loss of about a quarter million black homes.

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The future military? One forecaster argues that over 300 drones can be purchased for the same price as one first-line F-35 aircraft.  And a drone, as recent Air Force announcements indicate, can be flown by enlisted personnel. 

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Taking a contrary view, the Defense News of 20 February envisions “smart” fighter jets.  They will be able to shoot high-powered lasers and have on board robots which will scan hours of intelligence data in milliseconds.  For these technological breakthroughs, the Air Force is requesting $2.5 billion in science and technology development in its fiscal 2017 budget submission.

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A hopeful future? Writing in the Washington Post Outlook section, one analyst sees a positive future for America:

Conflicts give way to consensus.  Causes once labeled “liberal” become “American values,” embraced by liberals and conservatives alike.  Same-sex marriage become simply marriage.  Islam is recognized as part of our shared Abrahamic tradition.  We cease to see particular immigrant groups as threats, drug dealers, rapists, or terrorists, and instead appreciate their contributions to our society.

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Oops! The notorious cheaters Internet site, Ashley Madison, is causing embarrassment to many in the military. A website named RoadSnacks claims to have analyzed more than 32 million leaked accounts.  RoadSnacks claims that:

The Air Force Academy supposedly had 464 accounts of its student population of 3,711

Joint base Elmendorf-Richardson and Eielson Air Force Base AK were high on the state’s list of Ashley Madison users

Other supposedly lusty installations:

·        Eglin AFB FL: 14.3% of its population on Ashley Madison

·        Joint base Andrews: 11.5%

·        Sheppard AFB TX 16.3%.

One writer cautions – all concerned should remember that adultery is still punishable under Article 134, UCMJ.

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Commentator Hefali Luthra writes in the 23 February Washington Post about a RAND study published last week. The report found that military health programs fall significantly short of providing mental health follow-up for veterans.

Newly-diagnosed PTSD patients often fail to receive appropriate follow-up care – minimally, at least four visits to a psychotherapist within two months. And only about one third of those diagnosed with PTSD follow through with their doctors.    The statistics are contained in new DOD project to assess mental health care in the military.

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President Obama’s State of the Union message of 12 January spoke to those who are targeted  because of race or religion.  He stated, “when politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, where kids are bullied, that doesn’t make us safer. That’s not telling it like it is.  It’s just wrong.   It diminishes us in the eyes of the world.  It makes it harder to achieve our goals.  It betrays us as a country….”

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