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We’re always looking for powerful words, apt phrases, or clever ways to grab the attention of decision-makers.

 Here are some we came across recently.

 ·         [Litigation argument, defending an assaultive crime]  No one is born ready to fight with another.  People have to learn aggression.   But if they     can learn that, they can also learn its opposite – how to be kind.  And kindness comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. 

 ·         [Disparaging an overly-cocky opposing witness]   He once somehow won a Humility Award – but took it back when he started wearing it.

 ·         She was alone in her own head… she was behind enemy lines.

 ·         Do any of us know the mind of God so well that we can decide who’s included and  who is excluded from that circle of His love?

 ·         [mitigation comment] Without remembering, there is no healing. Without forgiveness, there is no future.

 ·         Experience is often mentioned as a character builder. That is wrong   Experience does not build character, it reveals character.

 ·         Don’t believe everything you think!

 ·         We make a living by what we get.   We make a life by what we give.

 ·         Any woman who wants to be treated equal to the man definitely lacks ambition.

 ·         Being human is not a character defect.

 ·         Ernest Hemingway said it best – there are five things that can ruin a man: money, power, drink, women, and ambition. These five things can ruin a man… and so can not having them!

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