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This month’s Sword of Honor goes to retired Commander Sharon Harper.  She has worked for the law firm in various capacities for almost 20 years, specializing in medical issues.  A retired operating room nurse, she brings solid know-how, incisiveness, and a pleasing personality to our clientele.  We first met Ms. Harper  when she was stationed at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.  Back then it was still a sleepy installation.  A sailor [CC] had been accused of serious wrongdoing.   He had no money for a civilian advocate.

Sharon and several doctors soon came to two important conclusions –[a] CC was innocent; and [b] assigned military counsel was inexperienced and not prepared to defend CC with sufficient vigor.  Sharon and about five friends “passed the hat” and paid the entire cost for the Military Defender to defend CC.  The result:  A total acquittal.

 For her dedication to fair play for CC and countless other military members, we respectfully salute Sharon Harper.

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